Free Road Signs DMV Practice Test

This is the fourth of our four free DMV practice tests. There are 20 questions. You have 15 minutes to answer all 20 questions. You must answer every question. Your score will be shown immediately after you complete the test.

This test focuses solely on the many road signs you’ll encounter on the rural streets, freeways, and interstate highways in America. All states include road sign questions on their DMV tests. On average, 10% of the questions on the DMV test will involve road signs. Be sure to pay particular attention to the colors of the signs. You need to know if a yield sign is white lettering on a red background or red lettering on a white background.

Feel free to retake this test as many times as you’d like. Once you receive your score there will be a button to View Questions. Wrong answers will be highlighted in red. The correct answer will be in a green box outlined in green.

Pay particular attention to the distances. Some test versions contain a lot of questions over distance. How far before making a turn are you required to first put on your turn signal? How close can you park to a fire hydrant? How close can you park to a crosswalk?

Good luck on the driver’s test!

Free Road Signs DMV Practice Test