Free DMV Practice Test 2

This is the second of our four free DMV practice tests. There are 20 questions. You have 30 minutes to answer all 20 questions. You must answer every question.

This test includes the laws and general rules involved in the safe operation of a motor vehicle. Be sure to study your state’s DMV drivers license manual. You must know your distances. Among many other distances, you must know when you need to use your turn signal and how many feet from a fire hydrant and crosswalk you’re allowed to park.

Feel free to retake this test as many times as you’d like. Once you receive your score there will be a button to View Questions. Wrong answers will be highlighted in red. The correct answer will be in a green box outlined in green.

Pay particular attention to the distances. Some test versions contain a lot of questions over distance. How far before making a turn are you required to first put on your turn signal? How close can you park to a fire hydrant? How close can you park to a crosswalk?

Good luck on the driver’s test!

Free DMV Practice Test 2