CDL Practice Tests

Below are the 36 free CDL practice tests that we offer. You do not need to register to take any of the tests. As you can see, our practice tests cover Air Brakes, Crossings, Doubles & Triples, Driving Safely, General Knowledge, Hazmat, Pre-trip Inspection, Safely Transporting Passengers, School Bus endorsement, and Tanker Trucks.

When you’re ready to take the next step, you might want to try our free CDL Practice Test Course. The practice test course comes with a free certificate of completion.

Free DMV Practice Tests

We currently offer 3 different DMV practice tests as well as the Road Signs practice test. We highly recommend that you take all of the tests at least once. The more you encounter the same questions, the more likely you are to memorize the answers.

You do not need to register for our free DMV practice tests. Your score will be shown at the end of the test even if it’s only 5%. You can retake any of our tests as many times as you’d like.